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This trust is intended for single life policy only.

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Questions & answers

Is this Trust suitable for me?
You should seek specialist independent tax and legal advice on your specific circumstances as to whether this Trust is effective and appropriate for you.
What is a Trust?
A Trust passes the Death Benefit from your policy straight to the people you indicate you'd like to benefit (beneficiaries). The payments fall outside of your estate, so we don't have to wait to probate to pay a claim and help you deal with inheritance tax in a more efficient way.
Can I change the details of the Trust at a later date?
You're able to add or remove Trustees and beneficiaries at any time.
You can also inform the other Trustees of how you want the lump sum distributed after you die using a 'letter of wishes'. Please call us and we'll send you one to complete.
Can I remove a Trust once complete?
Once you've set your policy in Trust you can't undo it. You'll receive the lump sum if you claim under the Critical Illness, Child Critical Illness or terminal illness benefits of your policy. If you die the remaining lump sum will be distributed by your Trustees to the Beneficiaries you select.